Morning Mysore

I enjoy the physical challenges and playfulness of practising Ashtanga. With Bens guidance, adjustments and careful instruction, I am finding focus and strength. There is always something new to learn in mysore self-practice, whether that’s a subtle shift in alignment or an additional sequence to help build flexibility. Committing to a daily routine was initially daunting, and can sometimes be a struggle, but practising alongside others in the early morning is really energising. The benefits to how I feel each day are extremely great and hard to describe. I feel stronger physically and mentally, and am really grateful for the encouragement from Ben and other students. Building a daily routine has enabled me to commit time to self-care and relaxation, where I previously thought I couldn’t. I have found it really joyful to move each day, to attempt new things, to laugh falling in a new posture, to find balance, to be more aware of, and kind to, my body.

Thank you!

Fran <3

Morning Hatha

I just did Izabela’s restorative yoga workshop and it was really excellent. She’s a great teacher, I’ve worked with her at different studios and followed her around. She is a really good teacher and one of the best I have had. It would be great if this workshop could run again and also if SHC could offer more of her classes in the evenings or weekends. 

Sally Hobson

Beginners Courses

After practising yoga as a fitness class in my local gym for a couple of years, I decided to give it a go and look for a beginners course. Following a trial class at the studio, I fell in love with the location and the atmosphere so decided to sign up for the Ashtanga Beginners Level 1 Plus which is a great way to join the complementary classes and get a taste of the various types of yoga offered by the studio. The course is structured really well.  At the beginning of the class there is a short discussion of aspects of yoga other than the physical practice, which are also mentioned in a weekly follow up email.  During each class, Sarah goes over a few of the standing postures of the primary series, explaining the anatomy and any alternative adaptations.  Once I completed Beginners 1, I didn’t hesitate to sign up for the Beginners Level 2 which familiarises you with additional postures of the primary series and goes deeper into the concepts that were previously introduced in Beginners 1. I really enjoyed the two Beginners courses, and wished there was a third!  I couldn’t recommend the courses highly enough: Sarah is a great teacher, she is very knowledgeable and attentive, whilst her enthusiasm is contagious!  Be careful though…you might become a yoga addict!

Emanuela Berardi

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